Arab Sheikh offers marriage To a Famous Brazilian Model

Friday, September 24, 2021

Arab Sheikh offers marriage to a famous Brazilian model for crores of rupees but why the offer was not accepted? 

A beautiful model who married herself in Brazil claimed to have been offered marriage by an Arabic sheikh.

According to the Daily Star, the model named Cris Galêra has said that she used to get marriage offers from many men. Among them was an Arabic sheikh who offered me $500,000 if I married him instead of marrying myself.

Cris Galêra, 33, said: "I was so overwhelmed by the dependence on men that I decided to marry myself, so I turned down the offer of this Arabic sheikh. Contacted through and still keeps texting me. "Galêra said:" At first I thought it was important to be in a relationship with a man to be happy and to avoid loneliness. Then I had to spend some time single. During this time I realized that I could stand on my own two feet. I was always afraid of loneliness but this was the time when I learned to feel good about myself and decided to marry myself. “

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