China, India needs to withdraw troops from the border for better relations: Indian Foreign Minister

Saturday, September 18, 2021

The Indian foreign minister says India has told China that bilateral relations can only flourish if the two countries withdraw their forces from the disputed Himalayan border.

In a meeting with his Chinese counterpart Wang Zhi on the sidelines of a regional conference in Dushanbe, Subramaniam J. Shankar discussed bilateral possibilities, according to Reuters. "We have talked about ending the confrontation in our border areas and pointed out that progress is needed to restore peace, which is the basis for the development of bilateral relations," Jaishankar said on Twitter. ۔

It should be noted that last year, the enmity over the decades-old border dispute over the western Himalayas was renewed and since then, thousands of Indian and Chinese troops have been the victims of confrontation. The situation escalated in June last year when a skirmish between the two countries' armies resulted in casualties on both sides, their first fighting in decades.

After several rounds of talks between the commanders, the two countries' forces withdrew from a few border sections, including Lake Pangong Su, which was located near the site of last year's clashes. In other sectors, however, troops are present with artillery. "China has always been China," Wang said. India has handled the border issue in a proper manner and in a positive manner.

A statement from the Chinese Foreign Ministry quoted Wang Zhi as saying, "The two sides should work together to maintain peace and stability in the border areas and prevent similar incidents on the border again."

He said that the two emerging central economies, China and India, need to get their bilateral relations back on a strong and stable path. It may be recalled that there was a border war between China and India in 1962 and this dispute has not been resolved yet, though trade relations between the two countries have recently strengthened. Jaishankar said he had also discussed recent world events with Wang Zhi, but did not elaborate.

He said that relations between China and India should be bilateral. Read also: Ladakh conflict: India deploys heavy troops in response to China. He said he had told Wang Zhi that "it is important that China does not view its relations with India from the perspective of a third country."

The foreign ministers of the two countries are in Dushanbe on the sidelines of the SCO summit. Chinese President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address the meeting via video link.

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