Criticism could increase pressure on Apple and Google's intersection

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Critics have warned that pressure could mount on Apple and Google's crossroads, with the removal of Russia's opposition voting app from online markets angering technology companies globally.

Critics of leading technology companies Apple and Google say their global dominance serves as an online crossroads for authoritarian regimes that could crackdown on opponents or election fraud, according to the statement.

Russia's opposition voting app has been removed from online markets, sparking global outrage. Google and Apple's operating systems run 99 percent of the world's smartphones, says Natalia Krapeva, a lawyer for rights group Axes. App stores are now a new target of censorship.

Digital rights are now being attacked in a new way, while companies are facing new types of legislation and legal threats. Recently, there have been concerns about consumer choice and the ability of app developers to avoid paying Apple up to 30%.

Avon Greer, director of digital group Fight for the Future, says that as long as Apple has a monopoly on software that is used by millions of people, the App Store will continue to be a crossroads for government censorship and crackdowns.

The digital world played a key role in the Arab Spring, and the same technology could be used against the public, as evidenced by the Pegasus scandal when it turned any phone into a pocket listening device. can go.

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