Inspiration Four: Space Tourists Enjoying The View of the Earth

Saturday, September 18, 2021

Inspiration Four: Pictures of space tourists enjoying the view of the earth continue

The first images from space of four unprofessional astronauts have been released in which they are looking at the earth from space during their tour. Four civilians are seen floating in space during their flight, looking down at a large domed car window on the planet below.

This is the third such flight after the recent space flights by billionaire businessmen Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos, in which the desire to go into Earth orbit was paid for by curious people instead of professionals. have been.

The flight was funded by US billionaire Jared Isaac Mann, who is also part of the trip, along with three crew members, Chris Sambrowski, Sean Procter, and Haley Arsenaks. Accompanied by Jared Isaac Mann, the trip includes a data expert, a science teacher, and healthcare professional. The four began their journey to space on Wednesday.

For the first time, they have embarked on a commercial mission because of their tastes. The rocket "Dragon" that took the crew on the journey was made by the company of American billionaire Elon Musk, SpaceX. He hopes the trip will inspire others and raise money for the treatment of childhood cancer. This mission is called 'Inspiration Four'.

The California firm has chosen one of its dragon flights to take young astronauts to an altitude of 590 km. It is also about 160 km from the International Space Station and 50 km above the famous Hubble Space Telescope.

Not much has been released about the crew's activities since the space shuttle began, and a special Netflix documentary is being made on the four.

He is said to be OK, and has become accustomed to being overweight and doing some scientific experiments. He is in touch with family and friends around the world, and he also conducted a question and answer session with patients at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.

Jared Isaac Mann made it a condition for those on the trip to donate to St. Jude's Hospital and a lottery would be drawn in the name of the donors and the winner would be selected for the trip. Chris Sambrowski also contributed to the donation, but his name was not released. But the lucky winner of the show was a friend of his who gave his ticket to Chris Sambrowski.

On the other hand, some critics question the environmental impact of such space flights on Earth. Arsenix is ​​an assistant physician at the same hospital, who was also treated for bone cancer at the age of ten. Isaac Mann hopes his interest in Inspiration for Flight could help him raise 200 200 million for St Jude's Hospital.

The four unmanned astronauts are due to return to Earth over the weekend. On the way back, the rocket will land somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. This will be another milestone in space tourism, which is being tested again after a gap of a decade. Billionaire businessmen Sir Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos went into space earlier this summer.

We will see such a journey in the coming months.

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