Is Instagram harmful to the mental health of teenage girls?

Thursday, September 16, 2021

 Is Instagram harmful to the mental health of teenage girls? Facebook's internal research has come to light.

Several investigations have found social media, especially Instagram, to be extremely harmful to the mental health of teenage girls, and it has now come to light that Facebook, the company that owns Instagram, is aware of this fact. Internal research on Facebook has also found that Instagram is having a very serious effect on the mental health of teenage girls.

According to Mail Online, this internal research of Facebook was conducted in March 2020 in which questions were asked from the girls. More than 32% of girls said that they have suffered from body image problems due to Instagram because when their photos on Instagram are not as beautiful as models and big influencers, it causes depression. In this research survey conducted by Facebook, 6% of the girls admitted that they have also expressed their desire to commit suicide because of Instagram because of the depression and dissatisfaction they feel about their body shape or beauty. Under the influence of the wind, she began to wish to die.

The study found that 13% of girls who thought about suicide due to Instagram were British and 6% were American. The results of Facebook's internal research were presented to Mark Zuckerberg, but no action was taken by him, and he has since gone to Congress to make the statement. It's good for young people's mental health. "

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