Now Citizens Ready to Go into Space After Six Months Training

Saturday, September 18, 2021

Inspiration Four: Ready for a space trip to collect donations.

The four "amateur" astronauts are set to be part of a remarkable space mission that is being hailed as crucial for space tourism.

This is the third flight in space after the recent space flights by billionaire businessmen Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos, in which the desire to go into Earth orbit is paid for by aspirants rather than professionals. The flight was funded by US billionaire Jared Isaac Mann, who will also be part of the trip, along with three crew members.

Accompanied by Jared Isaac Mann, the trip includes a data expert, a science teacher, and healthcare professional. He hopes the trip will inspire others and raise money for the treatment of childhood cancer. This mission is called 'Inspiration Four'. The rocket "Dragon" that took the crew on the journey was made by the company of American billionaire Elon Musk, SpaceX.

Their journey will begin at 5 a.m. Thursday, according to Pakistani time, from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The rocket will cover a distance of 575 km from the ground, which is 150 km further from the International Space Station (ISS). The four will then be able to experiment in space and view the Earth.

Normally a dragon has a system installed that allows the dragon to go with the ISS but because it is not needed on this journey, there will be a piece of glass attached to it instead. It will be very easy to see the earth and space. On the way back, the rocket will land somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. Richard Branson traveled to the Virgin Galactic on July 11, while Jeff Bezos went to New Shepherd nine days later.

Staff at Inspiration Four say they believe humanity is on the brink of a major change. The mission's commander, Jared Isaac Mann, is just 38 years old and owns a company called Shift Four. He himself is very keen on aviation and has flown thousands of hours. Although Jared Isaac Mann's dream of going on this mission was made possible by his immense wealth, he says that going into space should be possible for everyone.

This will be the first time that no world power is sending people into space. And I think that's a message for the times to come. We know that in the future, 50, 100 years from now, there will be a human base on the moon, a colony on Mars, and they all have to start somewhere. And when this mission is completed, people will say, this mission was the first time that ordinary people went into space.

Inspiration Four will not only go completely into Earth orbit (Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos just went a little above the Earth) but also have a different purpose.

Jared Isaac Mann has repeatedly said that he is not going on a trip with his friends, but he wants to make this mission meaningful and for this, he has chosen three companions from different sources. Among those traveling with him is 29-year-old Haley Archino, from Memphis, Tennessee, who is attached to a children's research hospital there. When she herself was ten years old, she was diagnosed with bone cancer, which she overcame.

Jared Isaac Mann wants to raise  $200 million for research at Haley's Hospital, St. Jude's and says there's nothing better than having someone from that hospital do it. Be with them on the journey. Also among the travelers is Dr. Sian Proctor, 51, who is in the field of science. She failed the final round of the 2009 NASA astronauts program.

The third person on the crew, Chris Sambrowski, 42, a former U.S. Air Force officer, is now an engineer at Lockheed Martin.

His participation in this journey was made possible by a coincidence. Jared Isaac Mann made it a condition for those on the trip to donate to St. Jude's Hospital and a lottery would be drawn in the name of the donors and the winner would be selected for the trip.

Chris Sambrowski also contributed to the donation, but his name was not released. But the lucky winner of the show was a friend of his who gave his ticket to Chris Sambrowski. On the other hand, some critics question the environmental impact of such space flights on Earth.

Sixty years ago today, when Soviet astronaut Yuri Gagarin became the first man in history to travel in space, only 600 people have been able to follow in his footsteps and the vast majority of them Who have been able to go into space through government missions with regular training.

Inspiration Four is a completely different mission in this regard. This is a commercial flight.

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