The picture of the tortoise surrounded by fish won the award

Friday, September 17, 2021

Green sea turtles and blacktip reef sharks: the best pictures of marine life of 2021

Amy John has won this year's Best Ocean Photographer award for her photograph of a green sea turtle surrounded by a cluster of glassfish. This photo was taken in the Ningalo Reef in Western Australia.

Organized by Oceanographic Magazine, the competition aims to highlight the beauty of the ocean and the dangers it poses.

The second was a picture of Hanley Spears diving into the sea in the Scottish Islands of Scotland.

The third prize went to Mattie Smith for a picture of a baby turtle named Hawksbill walking towards the sea for the first time.

The Family Fifty Phantoms Award was won by Los Angeles-based photographer and biology teacher Renee Coppozola. This is a new category of awards that have been introduced to encourage enthusiastic women. He was given the award for his portfolio, which is pictured in a line with the setting sun in Finn French Polynesia on the back of a blacktip reef shark.

The Young Ocean Photographer of the Year award was won by Hannah Lee Liu for a picture of a baby green sea turtle coming to the surface of the sea to breathe under the sky full of birds of prey on Hern Island, Australia.

The exhibition, adjacent to the Tower Bridge on the River Thames in London, will remain open until October 17, 2021.

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