Today I am ashamed to call myself the daughter of India

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Munman Dutta, the actress of India's popular TV serial 'Tariq Mehta's Upside Down Spring', has sharply criticized the media and fans for the ongoing trolling against her.

In an emotional post on Instagram, Munman wrote that she expects "much better" from her viewers and is "ashamed to call herself the daughter of India."

News of the alleged affair between Munman Dutta, who played the famous role of 'Babita Ji', and his co-star Raj Anadikat, who played the role of 'Tapu', has been circulating on social media for the past few days.

Such news has also been published on many media websites.

Many people are sharing objectionable things and memes about it and trolling Manman Dutta.

Disturbed by this, Munman Dutta posted a post on his Instagram on Sunday and wrote, "I want to tell the general public that I expected much better from you. People have also shown how backward we have become in society.

"Your joke can be nerve-wracking for someone."

Manman Dutta wrote in his post, 'Embarrassing women for age, body, motherhood, just for your joke. Your joke breaks someone mentally, you don't care. I have been with people for 13 years. It didn't take you 13 minutes to destroy my dignity. ‘

He further wrote, "The next time someone dies of depression, then stop and think that he did not reach this decision because of your words." Today I am ashamed to call myself the daughter of India.

In another post, he wrote that no one has given the media the right to publish "imaginary" and "self-made" news in one's name or about one's personal life.

Raj Anadikat, who plays Tipu, also posted a statement on the issue on his Instagram.

"People who are constantly writing about me should also think about the ill effects of their fabricated stories, which are being written about me without my permission," he wrote.

"I would ask all creative people to put their creativity elsewhere, which will help you. May God protect them and give them wisdom.

Many people supported Manman Dutta's post.

Talk show host Nandip Rakshita wrote, "That's right. The media and the people should be ashamed. I am a part of it and I take it upon myself. I'm ashamed to call myself a journalist. "

However, many criticized Dutta for using such harsh words.

Not long ago, Manman Dutta was embroiled in another controversy when he allegedly used an insulting word about a particular community in a video.

An FIR was also registered against him in this case. Dutta later took down the video and apologized, saying he had made a mistake due to his "lack of understanding of the language".

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