Today I Fucked Up using soy sauce

Monday, September 13, 2021

 This just happened and I am still trying to cope with it.

So I love soy sauce. I add it to almost everything as seasoning - eggs, noodles, veggies - you name it. Today was no different. I made myself some ramen noodles with veggies, poured some good ol‘ soy sauce over it, and was munching happily on it. It was delicious. Life was good.

Now the soy sauce I use has a small opening and when you want to use it, you just tilt it and it pours out. You can unscrew the top off for refilling it with soy sauce if you ever run out though. I always thought that was very handy, no annoying cap opening or anything like that. Until today.

It‘s still pretty hot where I live and there are fruit flies everywhere. You leave your food uncovered for one minute and there is a whole damn invasion of them on it. Now as I was chomping down my food, I suddenly see a movement inside the soy sauce bottle - one of these annoying fuckers actually managed to squeeze through the tiny opening and is now flying around in there.

No one wants flies in their food - I had to get it out of the bottle so it wouldn‘t land in my next dish. So I quickly grab a cup and a sieve to get it out. I open up the bottle and pour the sauce into the cup through the sieve - the fucker lands in the sieve but something else lands in it as well - I first thought it was just old soy sauce that somehow clumped together. Oh, how wrong I was.

I take a closer look and I‘m realizing... It‘s a huge pile of dead fruit flies. I‘m not kidding, it was like the amount of two tablespoons, and the bottle was pretty small. I gagged and immediately drained the whole soy sauce. I am utterly disgusted and now have to live with the fact that I‘ve been eating fruit flies for a good amount of time. I wonder if I can ever use soy sauce normally again.

TL;DR: Soy sauce enthusiast aka me sees fruit fly flying around inside the bottle of soy sauce. I decided to pour the sauce through a sieve to get the fucker out, then I realized there‘s been a huge pile of dead fruit flies soaking inside the soy sauce I‘ve been using. Now I’m mentally scarred from ever using soy sauce again.

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