You Should be Shocked to Hear the claim of YouTube Researcher on the moon

Thursday, September 16, 2021

The moon is a barren rocky surface with all the available information about the world known, but now a YouTuber researching the moon has claimed that you will be horrified to hear. According to the Daily Star, a YouTuber named Ccrow777 has claimed that the moon we see from Earth is not actually a moon but an artificial satellite that has hidden the surface of the moon from our eyes, and secret activities are going on there. 

YouTuber says he has been observing the moon's surface with HD telescopic cameras for years and can say with certainty that the surface we see is artificial and that we are living in an artificial system.

"Look carefully at some of the maps of the moon, those maps never match," he says. Each map is different. This is another proof that these maps are not actually the surface of the moon, otherwise they would be similar to each other, just as the maps of our earth never change. However, his claim has been vehemently denied by the scientific community, saying that the moon that people see from the earth with their own eyes is the moon, not an artificial surface.

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