How to send a message to yourself on WhatsApp?

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Most people send important things to their friends on WhatsApp to remember, but this way you can remember things by doing WhatsApp.

Most people send a message to their friends on WhatsApp to memorize and take note of the list of bargains, screenshots of documents, and other important things.

Upon receiving such messages, when confused friends ask, "What is this and why did you send me?"

There are many apps for notices, including Google, but due to the excessive use of WhatsApp, people do not pay much attention to such apps.

If you want to create notices through WhatsApp, stop texting others and send yourself a message on WhatsApp this way.

WhatsApp has a feature called 'Click to Chat'. This allows you to talk to people whose numbers are not stored on your phone.

This feature allows you to send messages to yourself. The following method is for both desktop and mobile versions.

First, open the browser on your phone or computer.

Write “” on it and enter your mobile number ( with the country code.

WhatsApp will invalidate your number if you do not include the country code.

You will then be taken to a page on WhatsApp. Here you will see your number at the top and below you will find the option to 'Continue to Chat'. Click on it.

A WhatsApp window will open, with all your chats as well as a chat window automatically.

This way you can send yourself all the important things like photos, bargains, utility bills, etc. without disturbing your friends.

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