Seven Subtle Habits that make you mentally strong

Friday, October 29, 2021

Seven Subtle Habits that make you mentally strong.

Chase Imperfection

Are you a perfectionist the world is full of people chasing perfection some people can't rest until they've solved every tiny insignificant problem other people run away from great opportunities because they're afraid they won't fly as high as they expect we all want to find perfection a perfect career a perfect relationship but no matter how hard we look perfection is and will always be a myth so if you want to find mental strength stop chasing perfection give up on finding a job or a partner that checks every single one of your boxes?

Now I'm not telling you to settle for less than you deserve but searching for someone or something that has zero flaws well it's a waste of your time and energy instead of chasing perfection focus on growth doesn't search for a job that's a perfect search for a job that makes you a better person you may not like every second of it some days you may wish you were doing something else but hey that's okay because there will always be more opportunities.

You can always add or subtract things from your life to satisfy different passions and goals nothing will be perfect no one will be flawless but as long as you're growing your life is moving in the right direction.

Builds Character

How do you define yourself many people define themselves by their hobbies or professions we try to condense our identities into small concrete shapes where scientists were artists were accountants or athletes or comedians or dancers but no one word encapsulates who you are you have passions habits and interests stemming from thousands of memories and experiences, in other words, you're infinitely more complicated than anyone word or phrase so instead of limiting your sense of self get to know the ins and outs of your complicated personality try new things and pay close attention to the way you feel be open but decisive and don't be afraid to contradict yourself because whether we like it or not our identities rarely make sense mentally strong people aren't afraid to expand their sense of self they're always open to new perspectives and ideas but they also have a clear sense of what they like and what they believe they have confidence in their opinions and their tastes while exposing themselves to unique experiences so if you want to become mentally strong then embrace the complexity of your identity let your sense of self stretch far and wide because no one is only one the thing no one is a character or a stereotype you have as much insight and depth as anyone in the world but you have to look for it

Open Your Ears

Do you talk more than you listen mentally strong people are interested and invested in the opinions of others they're receptive to contrasting perspectives because they don't need to reinforce their own ideas in other words mentally strong people don't ramble about the same narrow-minded concepts they don't give people advice that they didn't ask for and they don't force their opinions on others and they don't tell anyone that they're wrong when you interact with other people you don't need to prove yourself right you don't need to educate the people you meet instead mentally strong people listen to what other people have to offer they open their minds and their ears to perspectives that differ from their own creating a more dynamic understanding of how the world works so if you talk more than you listen it's time to change your habits practice actively listening to people you meet ask good questions embrace their points of view and try to understand why they believe what they believe once you start listening and I mean really listening you might discover something strange your opinions begin changing and your sense of self gets that much stronger.

Seek Challenges

Are you motivated to achieve goals solve problems and discover passions or do you avoid challenging experiences mentally strong people are always searching for new challenges they're drawn to experiences that foster growth and self-improvement in other words they aren't interested in resting on their laurels when something becomes easy or comfortable they search for new ways to learn and expand but this is a rare quality most people hide behind easy and comfortable parts of their lives maybe you have an easy a job that pays a stable salary maybe you have enough friends to occupy your social life and enough freedom to engage with your hobbies your stable and comfortable so you stop pushing you to stop searching for challenges and you become afraid of change afraid your comfortable life is going to fade away and when that happens you stop taking risks for example if you change careers there's no guarantee that you'll find the same stability that you have now but there is a chance you find something more meaningful like successor satisfaction so how do you encourage yourself to take risks and to seek new challenges every week break out of your comfort zone at.

At least once do something you've never done before go somewhere you've never been or talk to someone you don't know every time you leave your comfort zone you're empowering your ability to change you're proving to yourself that the world outside your bubble is not a threat to your happiness to build mental strength don't be afraid of change don't cling to a job a friendship or even a restaurant just because it's familiar mentally strong people build their strength by accepting new challenges they welcome change into their lives because every change is a new opportunity to grow.

Courageous Decisions

Do you have control over the life you may take a passive role in your life you may surrender responsibility for your choices whatever the reasons you feel powerless and out of control if you want to be mentally strong you need to be in control of your life now that means empowering personal decisions building self-esteem and finding the courage to take risks but these are big hurdles which take years of practice so what small subtle habits can nudge you in the right direction every time you make a choice remind yourself of one thing you made this choice all on your own whether it's a good choice or a bad one always take the credit for your life don't blame outside circumstances don't ascribe your success or your failures to the actions of others take responsibility for each change each mistake and each opportunity for growth this simple habit fosters a stronger sense of identity even if you do something wrong taking responsibility strengthens your relationship with yourself you'll get a better understanding of your weaknesses while cultivating a greater sense of control in your life ultimately you have the power to make any decision you want you can accept opportunities and embark into the unknown you have the power to change your life and pursue your dreams but you'll never develop that power unless you take responsibility for your thoughts and your actions if you can do that you're already mentally stronger than most.

Honest Vulnerability

Do you pay attention to your wants needs and feelings self-care is a critical the aspect of mental strength people with a strong sense of who they are pay close attention to the way they feel both physically and emotionally so if you want to build mental strength self-care should be a daily priority create an easy and accessible habit that allows you to check-in with yourself every day ask yourself deep personal questions and talk through difficult problems you can write in a journal or quietly get lost in your thoughts whatever the medium you choose there's one essential the thing to keep in mind no matter what you're writing or thinking you must be honest with yourself.

Honesty lies at the core of self-care if you're unwilling or unable to admit the truth to yourself you won't be able to improve or find the happiness that you're looking for lying to yourself creates shame and guilt both of which drive you toward.

Unhealthy habits to find mental strength be honest as often as you can don't hide your insecurities don't be ashamed of your weaknesses because your weaknesses are a part of who you are the more you hide your flaws the harder it becomes to feel comfortable in your own skin so expose your weaknesses are honest and above all take care of yourself.

Professional Humility

How do you handle feedback let's say you're working on a project what motivates you to create the best possible product are you chasing long-term goals like excellence or prestige or are you looking for short-term rewards like compliments or praise unfortunately many people are searching for the latter they want someone to admire or praise their work so what happens when someone gives them constructive criticism nine times out of ten they get defensive they try to justify their mistakes they lash out at others and they ignore any mistakes they may have made people react this way when they're not receptive to feedback.

They aren't interested in bettering themselves so they get defensive when others criticize their work if you want to build mental strength then you need to be receptive to alternate perspectives you have to have enough confidence in yourself and your work to hear people's honest opinions otherwise, you'll miss hundreds of opportunities to improve as a worker and a person so if you'd rather be praised then you may not be ready to build mental strength but if you can set aside your ego and listen to what others have to say then you can become a stronger a person all it takes is a little humility.

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