Broken Toilet Forces Astronauts To Wear Diapers

Sunday, November 7, 2021

Big win
for president Biden overnight with democrats ending months of divisions and drama finally passing a one trillion dollar infrastructure bill that will help rebuild America's roads and bridges and expand broadband access nationwide but democrats did not reach an agreement on the president's larger social programs and climate bill demanding an analysis of its impact on the economy first president Biden will speak about all of it later this morning and NBC News will have complete coverage thousands of people are expected to hit the streets in Glasgow.
Scotland today
as part of a massive climate change protest, it's just one in a series of demonstrations around the world for a global day of action coinciding with the un climate conference in Glasgow where the president just was teen activist Greta Thunberg is expected to speak at the rally today she has been openly critical of the climate talks so far calling them a failure.
A group of astronauts
on the international space station is in for what we're just gonna call an interesting ride home the SpaceX capsule that is set to bring them back to earth has a broken toilet that means the four astronauts will be coming home in diapers true story they say it's just one more little thing on the long list of challenges that space flight can bring so they say they're not too worried about it by the way their journey home is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon and could take up to 20 hours that is a long list of challenges indeed.

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