Alia Bhatt's look: 'Can be looked beautiful even with light make-up'

Saturday, April 16, 2022

No red pair, no red lipstick, no long artificial eyelashes ... Is this also a bride? '

Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor's long-awaited wedding has finally come to an end but it seems that less make-up and a simple hairstyle have disappointed many of her fans. People also openly expressed their views on social media.

Before we get into the depths of this critique, let's first find out who is behind the look of Alia Bhatt's marriage.

Who made Alia?
Like Anushka, Deepika and Katrina, Alia Bhatt chose the famous Indian designer Sabyasachi for her wedding couple. But unlike other actresses, Alia chose a white saree instead of a lehenga.

According to the details given on Sabyasachi's Instagram page, Alia's saree was hand-painted while it was covered with gold wire. Besides, Alia wore a hand-made veil.
Alia's jewelry was also designed by Sabyasachi with uncut diamonds and hand-studded pearls.

Now let's talk about the most talked-about make-up of Alia by Puneet B. Sini who has already done Anushka Sharma's wedding makeup now and like Alia, Anushka's makeup is much lighter than normal brides. Alia's hair was styled by the famous hairstylist Flavin Hellt.

Why so little makeup?
In the subcontinent, when the bride is mentioned, many people think of a red wedding dress, heavy jewelry, sharp make-up, and make-up that the girl has not done in her life before or after today. come.

Maybe that's why some people were disappointed to see Alia Bhatt as such a simple bride.

As social media user, Samira Khan wrote, “Alia's bad make-up on her wedding makes you angry. Look at the makeup of Lebanese, Pakistani and Bengali brides and then compare it. If this is a new trend, it means that the quality of beauty is declining day by day.

 Another user said that Alia should have looked like a traditional bride. She looked very normal. Her (wedding) photos are good but it would have been better if she wore red.

One user jokingly said, "More than Alia, make-up comes from my university facilities for class."

But many people liked Alia's make-up-less and there were many women who were asking on social media which make-up artist in Pakistan would make them make up like Alia.

But it is also not correct to say that Anushka or Alia are the ones who put light make-up on the wedding day.

In 2016, Pakistani actress Urva Hussain also chose light make-up for her wedding, and behind this look was famous Pakistani make-up artist Nabila.

Inspired by this, Karachi resident Ayesha Alin also chose light make-up for her wedding but she also got to hear the same things that many people are doing about Alia today.

"My own family liked my make-up because they knew my personality and they knew I didn't like sharp make-up," she said.

Ayesha told the BBC that when she went on stage, her relatives came and started telling her that she should have done deep make-up and she was not looking like a bride. "My mother-in-law took a red lipstick from a woman attending the ceremony and applied it," he said. Now, in half of my wedding photos, my lipstick is light and half is deep red.

"Now girls like light makeup."

Islamabad-based make-up artist Saba says: “Now the tradition has changed and many girls now prefer make-up instead of heavy make-up which does not change their appearance and just makes their mark.

"Obviously, there are people in the house who insist that if there is a sharp make-up, then most of the bridesmaids or family members are saying that the make-up of the bride should be deepened."

"Even with light make-up, you can look beautiful," says Saba. "That's why I tell girls to take special care of their skin in the days before marriage." If your skin is clear and radiant then you don't need much make-up. You can be a beautiful bride with less make-up.

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