California's Gone Girl who staged her abduction

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

A woman in the US state of California has pleaded guilty to fabricating her abduction in 2016 and lying to authorities.

Thirty-nine-year-old Sherry Papini suddenly disappeared while running near her home and reappeared three weeks later.

At the time, he claimed to have been abducted by two Hispanics, and police were searching for him.

The FBI later concluded that she was at her ex-boyfriend's home and had injured herself.

Papini became known as the "Gone Girl of California" because of this crime. In fact, it is the name of a famous novel and film whose story is based on such a deception.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. He himself has not explained it. On Monday, she told the judge she was "very depressed."

As a result of his confession, he could now face up to eight to 14 months in prison, much less than the 25-year sentence for lying to federal investigators.

In addition, they will have to pay a fine of $300,000.

The case began in November 2016 when Papini's husband reported to police that he had not arrived at the children's daycare center, prompting a massive search.

Three weeks later, she was found by a roadside with bruises on her body, her body bound in ropes and her wrists tied.

The FBI worked hard to find his captors, and in March of that year, it was announced that the abduction had been fabricated.

The FBI said in a statement that it had spent the abduction time at its ex-boyfriend's home.

The report states that Papini injured herself in order to strengthen her claim, which was also aided by her ex-boyfriend.

Although Papini did not say what motivated her crime, when the FBI took statements from her longtime acquaintances, she told authorities that she had resorted to "lies in the past" to gain attention. Are

His lawyer had earlier said he had mental health problems.

On Monday, Papini said she had been receiving treatment for depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder since the incident.

He was being treated at government expense, which he now has to pay back. He will be sentenced on July 11.

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