Dramatic image of a Russian warship sinking and Ukraine's missile attack claim

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Ukraine War: Dramatic image of the sinking Russian warship Moscow. What do we know about it so far?

Dramatic images and a video that surfaced online show a Russian warship sinking in Moscow after a fire.

The video and photos bear a striking resemblance to the missile cruiser Moscow.

Russia says the plane caught fire and exploded, causing the plane to sink as it was being towed away. Ukraine says it did so after a missile strike.

Although the new images do not confirm the claims of either side, it is clear that there is no sign of a storm at sea.

What do Moscow's videos and photos show?

The photos were taken on April 14, a day after the plane was allegedly hit by a Ukrainian missile.

The three-second video, which was taken from a rescue boat, shows the Moscow plane leaning to one side in the distance.

The boat pulling it is on the right.

Smoke billows from the plane, and it is badly damaged. In one photo, holes are also visible in other parts of the freeboard, suggesting that a considerable amount of water had entered the warship.

It also looks like all the ship's lifeboats have been wrecked.

Are there any other details?

Ukraine says it destroyed Moscow last Wednesday with two of its newly developed Neptune missiles. Two unnamed US officials also said they believed in Ukraine's position.

Russia claims the plane crashed after an explosion and then sank due to storm surges.

The BBC showed the footage to Jonathan Bentham, a maritime expert at the International Institute for Strategic Studies, who confirmed that the images belonged to a Slava-class cruiser and may have been from Moscow.

Bentham said the crash of the cruiser was apparently caused by a Neptune missile attack, but stressed that other possibilities could not be ruled out.

"Smoke marks on the port side are visible near the surface of the water," Bentham said. It could point to missiles flying very close to sea level, as Neptune missiles are said to be.

Bentham also looked at the open doors of the hangar, which he said indicated a rapid evacuation by helicopter.

Bentham says the doors are usually closed like a good idea to isolate anything inside the hangar.

Sea conditions

Although conditions at sea can change at different times, there is nothing in the video to confirm the Kremlin's initial claim that Moscow was drowned in the storm.

Prior to the sinking, Russia's Defense Ministry said in a statement that the plane had suffered "significant damage" and that all crew had been evacuated.

The BBC has not been able to confirm these claims.

Russia has not acknowledged any casualties. On Saturday, the Russian Defense Ministry released footage showing Moscow staff parading in the Crimean coastal city of Sevastopol.

The 510-member warship has led the Russian invasion of Ukraine, making it a key symbol and military target.

Earlier in the war in Ukraine, Moscow made headlines when it called on Ukrainian border guards on the Black Sea snack island to surrender, after which they sent a memorable message on the radio. What It meant something like: 'Go to hell.'

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