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Wednesday, April 20, 2022

A year after being diagnosed with breast cancer at age 29, Catherine Kraussen was worried about when she would be able to start dating again.

The Edinburgh-based management consultant was still undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

But she wanted to return to normalcy as soon as possible.

"I was doing a Google search at 3am when I found an article in a magazine," she says. I remember people saying things they didn't mind meeting someone who had cancer before but they insisted on completing the treatment. "

While undergoing treatment for cancer, she decided to postpone her dating for the first time. But then a few weeks later he changed his mind and created his own profile on a dating app.

"The next dilemma was which photo to use on my dating profile because now my hair was only a centimeter long because I was undergoing chemotherapy," she says.

Catherine is now 32 years old.

"I was wearing long golden wigs for the pictures, despite the fact that my hair was brown," she says.

She chose a variety of images for her profile but did not say that she had cancer.

Catherine said she felt "a little deceitful" when talking to people in the early stages because she was not telling her whole story.

But when she started texting people directly outside the dating app, she would tell them she had cancer.

"I told them that if my cancer was a problem for them, they could step back or stop texting," he said.

"But no one was bothered. What matters is how you present yourself. "

"It's up to you to decide not to present it as a problem. I wasn't hiring for a caretaker. "

Catherine stayed at her father's house for a year after being diagnosed with cancer but then moved out in the spring of 2021.

She was on the dating app until she moved into a flat she had to share with two men.

When he saw the house, he explained that he had cancer and asked if it would be a problem for them.

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