RUSSIA-UKRAINE WAR Breaking News Heavy blow from Google to the Russian military Putin is very angry

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

There's a new move from google maps that's going to piss russia off according to this google maps reportedly  made russian military bases visible to users google banned advertising from russian users after the kremlin invaded ukraine and russian authorities accused google of starting up information war with the company blocking russian media on youtube.

A new move came today from the united states-based technology giant after the strings between russia and google were stretched according to new information google map made russia's strategic military facilities visible to users following this move new details of russia's military infrastructure were revealed in the search of google maps images of military base intercontinental ballistic missiles launch ramps marine facilities and key command points all over

Russia have become accessible some of the new footage revealed were admiral kuznetsov's aircraft carrier a nuclear weapons depot near my monster submarines in kancaka the far east peninsula and images of a military air base in kursk a western city just 150 kilometers from the russian ukrainian border under normal circumstances

Satellite images of military facilities are traditionally presented to users of blurry or lower quality by google maps to maintain their classified status  but with this move from google wing this has changed everyone can now see the russian military infrastructure at a resolution of about 0.5 meters per pixel the twitter post by the ukrainian armed forces said you.

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